Hailey Pass Loop – The Winds


A six day backpacking trip starting at the Big Sandy Trail Head, hiking the Highline Trail and then off trail up East Fork River. Then continuing off trail up to the Pyramid Trail and taking Hailey Pass Trail over the pass and dropping down to Grave Lake. From Grave Lake we hike the Bear Ears Trail and Washakie Trail over Washakie Pass and down to Dad’s Lake. On our last day we take the CDT back to the Big Sandy Trail Head. David Kanus joins me on this trip and his YouTube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/user/defcoord Thanks for watching! https://youtu.be/7vMR_uIhwDAhttps://bryandelay.com/

Green River – Porcupine Pass Loop


A six day backpacking trip in Wyoming’s Wind River Range, commencing at the Green Lakes Trail Head and hiking up the CDT (Highline Trail). Then continuing on the CDT over Green River Pass to Double Top Mountain Trail. From the Double Top Mountain Trail the hike takes Porcupine Trail over Porcupine Pass and back to Green River Lakes. Thanks for watching! https://youtu.be/zZfSTKPlRkIhttps://bryandelay.com/

Shining Rock Wilderness Loop – Shining Creek, Ivestor Gap, Old Butt Knob


A two night backpacking trip in Shining Rock Wilderness, located in Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina, commencing at the Shining Creek Trail Head along US Route 276. Day two continues up Shining Creek Trail to Art Leob Trail then to Ivestor Gap Trail. On day three I backtrack on Ivestor Gap Trail to Shining Rock Gap and then take Old Butt Knob Trail back to the Shining Creek Trail Head. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching! https://youtu.be/3sMXF5oEF8I

Mt Rogers Loop: Iron Mtn., Pine Mtn., AT, Wilburn Ridge, Cabin Ridge


A three night backpacking trip in Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area beginning on the Flattop Trail near Grindstone Campground and climbing up to the Cherry Tree Shelter at the junction with the Iron Mountain Trail. On day 2 it’s the Iron Mountain Trail to Hurricane Mountain Trail to the AT up to Pine Mountain. Next I follow the Pine Mountain Trail to Rhododendron Gap, then the AT to Wilburn Ridge Trail to Rhododendron Gap Trail to the Crest Trail and end day 3 on Cabin Ridge. On day 4 I leave Cabin Ridge on the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail to Brier Ridge, then take an unofficial trail up to the AT to the Mt. Rogers Trail back to the original trail head. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy the video. Backpacking With Bryan DeLay: https://bryandelay.com/https://youtu.be/I2n0mNykPL8

Big South Fork NRRA: Laurel Fork, John Muir, John Litton Farm Loop


A three night backpacking trip in Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. The trip starts at the Jack’s Ridge Loop Trail Head and then down stream on Laurel Fork Creek Trail where we camp. On day two we continue down Laurel Fork Creek Trail to the John Muir Trail and hike south to a campsite on an overlook. My son continues south on the John Muir Trail on day three to Leatherwood Ford where his car is parked, while I go south on the JMT to the Fall Branch Trail to the John Litton Farm Loop Trail and camp next to Fall Branch Falls. On day four I continue on the John Litton Farm Loop Trail to the Bandy Creek Campground and then mostly walk Bandy Creek Road back to the Jack’s Ridge Loop Trail Head.

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching! https://youtu.be/SlTYH4_X7m4

Smoky Mountains Backpacking: Deep Creek, Indian Creek, Deep Low Gap, Mingus Creek


A three night backpacking trip with my son in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We start at the upper Deep Creek Trail Head and hike down to Campsite #53. On day 2 my son continues down Deep Creek Trail to Pole Road Creek Trail to Nolan Divide Trail to the lower Deep Creek Trail Head and then back up Deep Creek Trail to Campsite #60. I continue down Deep Creek Trail directly to Campsite #60. A friend of my son joins us at Campsite #60 and then on day 3 they hike several of the short trails in the Deep Creek area and then move my car from the upper Deep Creek Trail Head to the Smokemont Trail Head, while I take Deep Creek Trail to the Loop Trail and up Indian Creek Trail to Deep Low Gap Trail to Campsite #51. My son then backpacks up to Campsite #51 later in the afternoon. On Day 4 my son does a 2 mile out and back on the Indian Creek Motor Trail and takes Deep Low Gap Trail to Thomas Divide to Campsite #52 where he puts up his tarp and leaves his food. Then he takes Newton Bald Trail to Rt. 441 and moves my car to the Mingus Creek Trail Head and then takes Mingus Creek Trail back up to Campsite #52 where he camps for his 4th night. I take Deep Low Gap Trail to the Mingus Creek Trail and pass my son on my way to the Mingus Creek Trail Head. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching! https://youtu.be/SuY0LUNvvo8

Eagle Rock Loop – Quachita Mountains


https://youtu.be/XXxW5xew0Vo​ A three night backpacking trip with Catherine Gregory, David Kanus (Coach) and Buddy on the Eagle Rock Loop Trail in the Quachita Mountains in Arkansas. The trip started on Mine Creek Road at the junction of the Little Missouri Trail and the Athens-Big Fork Trail and we hiked the loop clockwise. Please visit Catherine’s YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/CatGPhoto

Smoky Mountains Backpacking: Rich Mountain Gap to Tremont


https://youtu.be/uYC7rW4H4R4 A five day backpacking trip with my son in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. For me the trip begins at Rich Mountain Gap and my son starts at Chestnut Top Trail, with both of us staying at Campsite #5 our first night. On day two we hike Indian Grave Gap Trail to Rich Mountain Loop Trail and then up Crooked Arm Ridge Trail and Scott Mountain Trail to Campsite #6, where we meet some friends. The next day we backtrack down the Crooked Arm Ridge Trail to Cades Cove Loop Road and then up Anthony Creek Trail up to Campsite #9. On a rainy day 4 we continue up Anthony Creek Trail to Bote Mountain Trail and then down Lead Cove Trail to Finely Cane Trail back to Bote Mountain Trail and then West Prong Trail to Campsite #18. Our last day we have a short hike out on the West Prong Trail to Tremont. https://youtu.be/uYC7rW4H4R4

Smoky Mountains Backpacking: Campsites 20, 27, 23 & 30


https://youtu.be/HgU65KT6YhM A four night solo backpacking trip in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park beginning at Elkmont and taking Jakes Creek Trail and Meigs Mountain Trail to Campsite #20. On day two it’s backtracking to Jakes Creek Trail and up to Campsite #27. Then is back down Jakes Creek Trail on day 3 to Cucumber Gap Trail, to Little River Trail and up Goshen Prong Trail up to Campsite #23. Day four I backtrack down Goshen Prong Trail and then take Little River Trail up to Campsite #30. The last day it’s down the Little River Trail back to Elkmont. https://youtu.be/HgU65KT6YhM

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