After my first trip with the Boy Scouts at the age of 12, I’ve had a passion for backpacking, but it wasn’t
until 1988 that I became an avid backpacker. Since then I’ve backpacked almost 1,500 nights and over
11,500 miles, averaging 75 to 100 nights a year since 2011.
Living in east Tennessee with thousands of trail miles within three hours has provided many incredible
backpacking opportunities. There are many beautiful places and I’ve been fortunate to have
backpacked in 23 different states. Once a year I travel out west to backpack and since 2014, I’ve spent
the entire month of August backpacking in the Wind River Range. With vast open spaces and big,
beautiful views the west provides great backpacking adventures, but day in and day I prefer the
Southern Appalachians.
Hope you enjoy my videos and thanks for watching!

Bryan DeLay