AT, Pine Mtn, Grayson Highlands, Cabin Ridge Loop

A four night backpacking trip in the Mt. Rogers High Country beginning on the Appalachian Trail and going south to the Pine Mountain Trail and camping on Pine Mountain the first night. A short bushwhack over to the Crest Trail on day two and then the Crest Trail to Scales where I connect back with the AT. Then is south on the AT over Stone Mountain and down to Wilson Creek Trail where I bushwhack across a meadow to join the Virginia Highlands Trail and camp along Big Wilson Creek. On day three I continue on the VHHT to Cabin Ridge and camp near the junction with the Crest Trail. The next day continues on the VHHT to Deep Gap and cut over to the AT and take the AT north to the Mt. Rogers Trail and follow it to Lewis Fork Spur Trail. Then drop down to the Lewis Fork Trail to Cliffside Trail and camp along Lewis Fork. The final day continues down Cliffside Trail then across SR 603 to the Fairwood Valley Trail back to the junction with the AT. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy the video. Backpacking With Bryan DeLay webpage: