Smoky Mountains Backpacking: A 40 Mile Loop Across Rocky Top & Miry Ridge

Please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel A 40 mile, five day backpacking trip beginning on the Lead Cove Trail to Bote Mountain Trail and then down Anthony Creek to Campsite #9. Day 2 is backup Anthony Creek Trail to Bote Mountain Trail to Spence Field and then the AT to Derrick Knob Shelter. On day 3 the hike continues on the AT to Miry Ridge Trail then down Jakes Creek Trail to Meigs Mountain Trail to Campsite #20. Continuing on the Meigs Mountain Trail to Lumber Ridge Trail through Tremont and then the West Prong Trail, day 4 ends at Campsite #18. The final day the hike continues on the West Prong Trail to Finely Cove Trail back to the Lead Cove Trail Head.